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Yes, if you bought Unverified account (Full E-mail access) Β· No, if you bought verified account (No E-mail Access)

πŸ“ŒThe term "skins" refers to weapon skins, and each variant of a skin is considered as a separate skin. For example, if the account has the Prime Vandal along with three variants (Variant 1 Orange, Variant 2 Blue, Variant 3 Yellow), it would be counted as a total of 4 skins because each variant has its own distinctive appearance and may involve a separate cost.
β• β•‘1β•žβ•β€Ί .EXE Odin
β• β•‘2β•žβ•β€Ί Glitchpop Dagger
β• β•‘3β•žβ•β€Ί Couture Frenzy
β• β•‘4β•žβ•β€Ί Kingdom Spectre
β• β•‘5β•žβ•β€Ί Nebula Phantom
β• β•‘6β•žβ•β€Ί Couture Bulldog
β• β•‘7β•žβ•β€Ί Yoru's Stylish Butterfly Comb
β• β•‘8β•žβ•β€Ί Couture Stinger
β• β•‘9β•žβ•β€Ί Kingdom Bucky
β• β•‘10β•žβ•β€Ί Sovereign Sword
β• β•‘11β•žβ•β€Ί Couture Marshal
β• β•‘12β•žβ•β€Ί Prime Vandal
β• β•‘13β•žβ•β€Ί Kingdom Phantom
β• β•‘14β•žβ•β€Ί Prime Vandal Level 4 (Variant 1 Orange)
β• β•‘15β•žβ•β€Ί Prime Vandal Level 4 (Variant 2 Blue)
β• β•‘16β•žβ•β€Ί Prime Vandal Level 4 (Variant 3 Yellow)
βœ… Total 16 Skins
🎁Upgrade (Bonus)
β• β•‘1β•žβ•β€Ί Yoru's Stylish Butterfly Comb Level 2
β• β•‘2β•žβ•β€Ί Prime Vandal Level 4
β• β•‘3β•žβ•β€Ί Prime Vandal Level 2
β• β•‘4β•žβ•β€Ί Glitchpop Dagger Level 2
β• β•‘5β•žβ•β€Ί Prime Vandal Level 3
β• β•‘6β•žβ•β€Ί Sovereign Sword Level 2

Yes, but only accounts in our unverified (full mail access) category can be linked to Xbox for Valorant.